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        As a sunrise industry in the field of new energy
        We are full of vitality and keep moving forward

        Focus on creating professional heat pumps

        Guangdong YKR New Energy Co., Ltd.
        Committed to the research and development of green energy such as air energy, water and land sources, sewage sources, etc.
        Located in Foshan, an important manufacturing center in Guangdong, it is a key domestic green energy manufacturing enterprise
        It is a green energy manufacturing enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of heat pump products

        2005 to present

        Technical R&D personnel have not forgotten their original aspirations and continue to innovate in air energy research

        • 8

          Factory Office
        • 15

          Technical research
        • 1

          Annual average production capacity
        • 12000

          Plant area
        • 2997

          After-sales service outlets

        Professional manufacturing, keep improving

        Our company and factory are located in Foshan City in the Pearl River Delta. It is not only adjacent to Guangzhou in the east and Zhongshan in the south, but also adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen. The geographical position is excellent, the transportation is convenient, and the logistics system is very developed. A complete set of product quality assurance system has won multiple honorary certifications.

        World-class supplier, high quality guarantee

        From compressors to controllers, from thermal expansion valves, control systems to heat pumps, Guangdong York New Energy chooses world-renowned brand suppliers to ensure the high quality of every Guangdong York New Energy product, and strive to provide global homes and commercial spaces Provide optimized cooling and heating integrated solutions

        Our mission

        The company is committed to market development, not only making great efforts to improve channels and networks, but also to provide tailor-made services and support for dealers. Through the good reputation accumulated in the market and multi-channel communication and promotion, the influence of Guangdong YKR New Energy is expanding and the brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.